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Istanbul Expo Center

 Istanbul Expo CenterΧάρτης
Çobançeşme Kavşağı, P.K. 40 34149 Atatürk Havalima
40 34149
Karşısı İstanbul, Turkey
Χώρα: tr


Established with the aim of making Istanbul the capital city of the trade fair world and boasting the largest exhibition ground in Turkey, İFM hosts averagely 100 trade fairs every year.
Trade fairs organised every year by İFM, which is run by WTC Istanbul, attract huge number of visitors and offer new business opportunities and markets to thousands of businesses. The international trade fairs organised by İFM include Autoshow, ISK-Sodex, Hometex, WEM, ISAF, Müsiad, and Turkchem, each of which is recognised as the world’s largest in their respective fields and all attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world.
Easily accessible from the Istanbul International Airport and beltways, housing a subway station, and offering immense parking spaces, İFM has become one of the leading international trade fair centres with its beautiful landscape and perfect infrastructure.
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